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Our Technology Allows For Precise Machined Parts
Machining Solutions is privately owned and operated and has performed many functions such as: CNC Programmer, CAD/CAM, Jig and Fixture Design, Quality Management, Production Manager, and Plant Manager.  Being privately owned and operated allows for us to give each customer attention to details, thus, making a difference in the final product.  This cuts costs because of the constent communication as well as an acurate precision machined part, ranging from ferrous and non-ferrous metals to plastics.
Our business's primary focus is on medium to short run (1-1500 pieces/month) machining of metals and plastics with an emphasis on quick turn-around, reliable and consistent quality, and affordable competitive pricing.
Machining Solutions has had active roles in establishing, maintaining, and implementing ISO certifications. This allows us to set-up our business using ISO guidelines without having to pass the cost to our customers.
Our partnership with other service vendors such as heat treat, plating, broaching, splining, and many others, allows us to provide your company complete parts that are ready for application.
We currently have CNC turning capability up to 12" in diameter x 20" length and CNC milling to handle 50" X 20" X 25".
With the latest technology and current certifications, Machining Solutions is the answer to finding a machine shop for machined parts in Northwest Ohio.
Make Machining Solutions Your Machine Shop For All of Your Precision Parts
We operate with the attention and detail of a small shop, but with the equipment, services and experience of a larger corporation to tackle every project. As an Ohio based machine shop, we’ve established a reputation in delivering high quality, precision machined products. With our many years of experience there are rarely any types of jobs we don’t have the expertise to handle. We’ve been producing machined components, molds and special fasteners out of our machine shop for years with the same positive reaction. By consistently investing in state-of-the-art equipment and upgrading our existing machines we’re able to produce innovative results, prototypes and personalized projects.
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The Solution To Your Customized Machined Parts